LS-200 Series

product LS-200 is a true industrial computerized scanning system for high productivity on the factory floor. It includes full imaging capabilities, advanced data analysis and processing and customer-specific inspection reports based on the ScanMaster Report Generator
Inspection tank Stainless steel construction with large viewing window, high-capacity water conditioning system and water skimmer.
Scanning robot Rugged beam-mounted search tube design permits easy part loading/unloading. DC servomotors and enclosed ball screw drives on all linear axes guarantee precise and smooth part tracking.
Probe manipulator RESOLVE Series high-resolution dual-gimbal manipulator, including sealed, direct-drive DC servo motors on A, B - axis for high-precision, low backlash motion.
Transducers Any 1-25MHz immersion-type probe with standard UHF connector
Ultrasonic hardware One to eight-channel upi-50 rack-mount ultrasonic instrument with selection of RPP1 (spike) or RPP2 (square wave) pulser preamplifier. Optional logarithmic preamplifier for any channel.
Operator control console monitor Selection of either 35U environment-protected control console with built-in 17" VGA and panel-mounted keyboard and pointing device, or desk-top mounted 17" monitor, keyboard and pointing device with separate control cabinet. Complete system control from ScanMaster 'virtual' control panel.
Motion control SM-100 Series DC servo motion control for all axes, with encoder feedback, rf noise suppression circuitry and ScanMaster SM-100 Series Version 9.1x motion control software.
Part Tracking ScanMaster SM-100 Series Version 9.1x Part Tracking Programmer and Scan Linker for setup and execution of multi-segment scans. All ultrasonic and scan parameters can be individually set for each scan segment.
Data acquisition Selection of ScanMaster SM-100 Series Version 9.1x inspection modes, including 'Stop-on-defect' interface and B and C-Scan imaging. Up to 1 32K peak amplitude and ToF measurements/sec and 'SMART' threshold-basod A-scan signal capture to 750KByte/sec.
Data analysis and processing ScanMaster SM-100 Series Version 9.1x C-scan Data Processing and Analysis Tool Kit. Includes a library of tools for image processing, image projection and measurement of flaw size, depth and signal strength. Optional ScanMaster SM-100 Series utilities for advanced flaw evaluation.
Inspection documentation Standard documentation tools include: * Operator annotations on screen * Binary or ASCII storage and screen dump of any A-scan display in Setup mode * Generation, storage and printout of .pcx image file of any screen display * Optional ScanMaster Report Generator for the design and preparation of customer-specific inspection reports.
System access control Five levels of programable authorized access.
Analog and digital I/O Optional dual gated analog outputs and audio/visual alarm.
Parts' turntable Selection from high-resolution RESOLVE Series 400 to 1050mm (16" to 42'') diameter industrial tables with scaled, direct-drive DC servo motor.
Platform for reference standards Large platform, to 500mm x 600mm (20" x 24"), for locating reference standards. Includes two 90deg reference edges. Platform is leveled parallel to the X-Y plane.
Lift platform Optional lift platform with DC servo drive for parts' turntable. Controi from operator console.
Bar and tube rotation RESOLVE Series bar rotator for inspection of round bars and tubes, and head-and-tall stock for inspection of thin-walled metallic and composite tubes.
Remote data processing Optional remote data processing and analysis station connect by LAN the control console.

Axis Envelope Speed range Resolution Repeatability Accuracy Backlash Min. motion

deg ?deg ?deg ?deg deg
A ?115 0.1-20deg/sec 0.01 <0.02 0.03 <0.02 0.02
B ?45 0.1-20deg/sec 0.01 <0.02 0.03 <0.02 0.02
W 360 0.1-55rpm 0.01 <0.022 0.03 <0.03 0.03

mm (in) mm/sec (in/sec) mm(in) ?mrn(?in) ??300mm(+in/12in) ?mm(?in) mm(in)
X 900/1200/1800 136/48/72)3 0.1-300 (0.01-12) 4 0.01 (0.001) <0.02 (<0.002) 50 (0.002)5 <0.02 (<0.002) 0.03 (0.002)
Y 480/600/900 (18/24/36) 3 0.1-300 (0.01-12) 0.01 (0.001) <0.02 (<0.002) 50 (0.002)5 <0.02 (<0.002) 0.03 (0.002)
Z 480/600 ( 18/24) 3 0.1-150 (0.01-6) 0.01 (0.001) <0.02 (<0.002) 50 (0.002)5 <0.02 (<0.002) 0.03 (0.002)
H 6 600 (24) 0.1-150 (0.01-6) 0.50 (0.002) 0.2 (0.01) 0.2 (0.01) <0.2 (<0.01) 1.0 (0.04)
1 RESOLVE Series turntables from 400 to 1050mm (16'to 42') diameter, 2At rated load, 3Customer selected, 40ptional 0.1-500 (0.01-20), 5Optional 5?(0.002 in), 6Optional lift platform


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