Metallurgist Pro is the latest breakthrough in XRF technology from TN Technologies. This superior alloy analyzer integrates the latest computer and peripheral devices with extraordinary speed, performance and reliability.
DISPLAY 320240 dot matrix LCD, 40 column25 row alphanumeric display (4015 in results screen). Graphics for full multi-channel analyzer capability of 2,048 spectral data channels. High contrast, wide viewing angle, and backlit for dark ambient viewing.
CONTROLS Ergonomic keypad with 30 keys including ON, OFF, START, STOP, Volume Adjust, Contrast Adjust, Brightness Adjust, UP, DOWN, SELECT, HELP, 0-9, decimal point and backspace. Measurements controlled either through keypad or push-button on probe.
TONE GENERATOR Acknowledges keypad strokes. Distinctive tone on source opening.
PRINTER PORT Standard PC parallel printer port for text output to printer.
SERIAL PORT Standard PC serial port. Not used at this time.
BARCODE READER PORT Link results to samples accurately with the optional barcode reader and customer supplied barcode labels.
KEYBOARD PORT Simplify alphanumeric entry with the optional PS-2 style keypad.
FLOPPY DRIVE Standard 1.44M 3.5" Floppy Drive for data transfer with PC.
BATTERY Pop-in/Pop-out high-capacity "smart" Nickel Metal Hydride battery pack good for 4 hours operating time.
POWER SUPPLY No need to change batteries during extended desktop use.
CHARGER 110/220 VAC, 50-60 Hz battery Charger/Reconditioner. Charges battery in approximately 3 hours.
WEIGHT 8 lb (3.6 kg)-with NiMH battery installed, 7 lb (3 kg) without battery installed.
X-RAY EXCITATION 45 mCi Fe55 and 4 mCi Cd109 radioisotope sources.
X-RAY DETECTION Wide elemental range, high resolution Hgl2 crystal.
SOURCE POSITION INDICATION Flashing red LED indicates Radiation On condition. Color-coded source position indication visible through Source Status Window on side of probe.
CONTROLS Single push-button control starts and stops measurements and advances through results screens. Can be configured as a "dead-man" switch for added radiation safety.
MEASUREMENT APERTURE 0.750.55" (1914mm)
PLASTIC-FILM WINDOW 0.001""(25 micron) thick polypropylene. User-replaceable.
DIMENSIONS" (17115 cm)
WEIGHT 3.75 lb (1.7 kg)-with cable and safety cover. 2.0 lb (.9 kg)-without cable and safety cover.
BATTERY 3.6V lithium detdctor bias battery, good for one (1) year.
MAIN CARRYING CASE Holds probe with cable, data processing unit, batteries (2 NiMH + 1 lithium), battery charger, power supply, Fe/Al calibration sample, probe safety cover with Ti check sample, pure element check sample kit, field pack, manual and optional accessories. Includes wheels and 19" toting handle. Size: 2414.2522.5"(613657 cm.) Weight: 45 lb (20.5 kg) loaded.
FIELD PACK Provides comfortable mobile storage of probe, data processing unit, extra NiMH battery, optional Barcode Reader. Includes shoulder strap.
STORAGE TEMPERATURE -4to 105 (-20to 40)
ALOYS Library a minimum of 227 Alloys, inclusive of pure elements. Custom Alloy library virtually unlimited.
ELEMENTS Ti, V, Cr, Mn, Fe, Co, Ni, Cu, Zn, Se, Zr, Nb, Mo, Ah, Sn, Hf, Ta, W, Au, Pb, Bi, As, Re and Y.
TN Technologies?XRF Analyzers are the preferred NDT (non-destructive testing) metals analyzers for the inspection industry for national safety and ISO compliance. Inspection of incoming components, analysis of in-service plant structures and diagnostic failure analysis of components are hallmarks for using the Metallurgist Pro. The Metallurgist Pro is truly portable and can be checked as luggage on an airplane or sent via airfreight to the job site..
Metals Fabrication
Mislabeling due to human error can be prevented with a PMI (Positive Material Identification) program in place as a final check prior to shipping or receiving components. The Metallurgist Pro is also ideal for analyzing the metal fabricator's scrap metal, which when sorted and identified can result in a more accurate assessment of value for negotiating with recycling dealers.
Metals Recycling
The metals recycling industry has grown and matured from artisans assessing material content by looking at the color of a torch flame to the use of sophisticated analytical instrumentation.
The value of potential payloads can be quickly and accurately assessed providing the dealer a base of knowledge for negotiations. Toxic elements such as lead and arsenic can be determined in alloys preventing load rejects from foundry clients. Foundries may require PMI of loads prior to shipment for quality assurance and compliance with ISO 9000 procedures.