Infrared Temperature Calibrators

Convir PTK Portable Infrared Calibration Checker

  • Easily check the calibration of infrared temperature sensors

  • Hand-held probe permits calibration to be checked in almost any situation

  • No need to disconnect or remove temperature sensors from service

  • Can be used to check the calibration at ambient and elevated temperatures

The Calex PTK offers the ideal way to check the calibration of infrared temperature sensors without disconnecting them or removing them from service.

Whether the sensors are fixed or handheld, the PTK offers the simplest way to check their accuracy. This inexpensive piece of equipment saves time and money by pinpointing potential calibration inaccuracies early and reducing down time and production errors.

To obtain an instant check, just place the probe in front of the temperature sensor and compare the measured temperature with that on the PTKs indicator.

Also included is a high accuracy thermistor air probe that allows the ambient temperature around sensors to be measured, thus ensuring they are operating within acceptable limits.

  • Calibrate infrared temperature sensors quickly and accurately

  • Large 150mm diameter calibration target minimizes sighting errors

  • Separate control box improves performance and increases safety

Convir MTK Bench-Top Infrared Temperature Calibrator

The Convir MTK Bench-Top Infrared Temperature Calibrator permits quick and easy calibration of infrared temperature sensors from ambient to 350C. It has a large calibration target which enables sensors to be mounted far from the heated unit, thus avoiding inaccuracies due to misalignment or over-heating.

The high-performance digital temperature controller allows the user to select accurate, stable, calibration temperatures and profiles. It is mounted in a separate box to avoid unnecessary heating of the controller and to eliminate the need for handling of the heated unit.

The MTK calibrator can be used with any infrared temperature sensor that has a temperature range between ambient and 350C. The sensor must also be capable of focusing on a target spot size of less than 150mm diameter.

Convir CS Series Contact and Non-Contact Temperature Calibrators

  • Temperature ranges from 40C below ambient to +300C

  • Calibrates both contact and non-contact temperature sensors

  • Accuracy 0.1 C

  • Emissivity > 0.95