The CMI 100 Series CMI 100 Industries/Applications/Features

Industries Served

Paint & Powder
Metal Finishing

Typical Applications (abbreviated list)

All non-magnetic coatings such as zinc, chrome, cadmium, tin, copper, teflon, epoxy, paint, powder coating or enamel on a ferrous substrate.
All non-conductive coatings such as anodize, paint, enamel, powder coating or epoxy on a non-ferrous substrate such as copper, brass or aluminum.

Basic Features (abbreviated list)

Battery operated and weights 2.3 ounces
Four buttons controls all functions for easy      single-handed operation
• Nist traceable Certified shims
• Free software upgrades
• Ability to download to an infrared printer
• Integral probe
• Ideal for shop floor or field applications
• Measure in mils or microns

The CMI 100 palm sized gage is ideally suited for applications where accuracy, convenient gage size, and practicality are
all required simultaneously. The CMI 100

is designed to measure a wide range of applications ranging from paint to anodize and more. Competitively priced and smartly designed, the CMI 100 is a logical choice for monitoring your product quality.
Free evaluations are available so why not test the gage yourself?
Like all of our instruments, it;s backed by the Systems Support Group. We guarantee superior service before and after your order.