CMI 600 Series CMI 600 Industries/Applications/Features

Industries Served

Metal Finishing

Typical Applications (abbreviated list)

•  Plated thru hole and surface copper
•  Gold, tin-lead thickness/composition, paint,
   copper, zinc, cadmium, silver, chrome, anodize
   and palladium
•  Non-magnetic over magnetic substrates, non-    conductive over conductive and electroplated
   nickel over magnetic

Basic Features (abbreviated list)

• Four line, 40 character backlit LCD display
Ability to download to a thermal printer or a   computer
• Inspect for cracks, voids or non-uniform plating
  of thru-hole copper
• Measures in mils or microns
Built-in automatic self test
• Automatic multiple probe calibration
• CMIís optional exclusive Statistics and Report   Generator uplink software gives you a powerful   tool for customizing your own quality reports or   certifications.

The CMI 600 combines ease of use with high inspection productivity to measure everything from surface and metal finishing to surface and plated thru-hole copper of printed circuit boards.

Despite the measurement power that you get with every CMI 600, the unit is competitively priced when compared to other measurement systems that perform the exact same measurement functions.

Repeatability, reproducibility, and high accuracy data output are primary features of this advanced system. It includes automatic base correction, instant and continuous plating thickness measurements, automatic electrical conductivity correction, and a serial port for uploading to a PC. With CMIís exclusive Statistics and Report Generator software, your SPC results can be customized to fit your needs.

This durable CMI product has been the flagship model for our bench-top series for over ten years. Itís history for in-field performance is impeccable.