CMI 700 Series CMI 700:Industries/Applications/Features

Industries Served

Metal Finishing

Typical Applications (abbreviated list)

• Non-magnetic over magnetic substrates
• Non-conductive over conductive substrates
• Electroplating over magnetic substrates

Features (abbreviated list)

• Scanning option which compensates for uneven   or textured substrate materials- enhances   repeatability and reproducibility.
• Large, high contrast, back-lit display with menu-    based operator interface-soft keys
• Display visible from several feet away and from   almost any angle
• Statistics and charts can be   graphically   displayed or printed
• Multiple security levels
• Operating Software available in 7 languages
• Stores up to 5,000 readings, calibrations and   system parameters

• Ergonomic design
• Wide range of probes available
• Measures in mils or microns
• CMI’s exclusive Statistics and Report Generator   uplink software gives you powerful tool for   customizing your own quality reports.

CMI 700 bench top systems measure a wide range of applications that traditionally required multiple pieces of equipment using various measurement principles for measuring coating or plating thickness.

This system provides ideal high tech measurement solutions for platers, painters, anodizers, and quality control professionals responsible for measuring coating or plating attributes.

Exclusive to CMI 700: No more multiple calibrations when measuring on various Steels. Eliminates need for frequent calibrations due to magnetic variations. For example, Zn,Cd, or Cu on steel.

Ergonomically designed, the CMI 700 is also robust and made to handle harsh working environments. The large LCD display is backlit and viewable from extreme angles making it unnecessary to be standing directly in front of the unit while taking measurements. Use the arrow keys located to the right and below display to navigate yourself through the easy-to-use menu options.