CMI 90 Series CMI 90: Industries/Features

Industries Served

Printed Circuit Board Manufacturers and or Buyers of PCB's


• Measures copper foil on rigid, flexible,   single and double sided or multi-layer   boards as well as bare foil material.
• Unaffected by laminate core thickness.
• Bright LED, British/metric copper   thickness indication.
• Factory need for   standards.
• Standard 9V battery operated. Over 8000   measurements before battery   replacement!
Low battery warning.
• Easily replaceable probe tips.

The CMI 90 Hand held surface copper thickness gage is an inexpensive solution to material waste & rejects.

The CMI 90 Series gages are handheld, battery operated instruments capable and accurately measuring from 0.5 to 4.0 oz (17 to 140 µm) surface copper in a second. Identify out of spec copper thickness at incoming inspection to eliminate costly scrap, rework, and errors at drilling station.

The CMI 90 Series is factory calibrated and requires no standards. It’s simple to use... just touch the probe to the copper surface and note the thickness indication. With the CMI 90 Series, you never have to worry about surface damage. The soft-touch” probe, exclusive with CMI, prevents the copper surface from being marred or scratched.