CMI 900 Series CMI 900: Industries/Applications/Features

Industries Served

Electronic Components      
Metal Finishing

Jewelry (manufacturers, refiners, retailers, casters) Semiconductor Data Storage Vacuum PVD/CVD Coaters

Typical Applications (abbreviated list)

• Standards-Free Calibrations: CMI supports the use
  of standards in order to address compliance and   system optimization issues
• Platings, coatings, films, and liquids, containing   elements with Atomic Numbers 22 through 92
• 5 layers / 15 elements / common elements
•  Composition analysis of up to 15 elements       simultaneously
• Precious metals assay and Au karat screening
Material and alloy elemental analysis
• Material identification and sorting

Features (abbreviated list)

• Based on Fundamental Parameters (FP) (standards-   optional)
• Differentiates between materials with similar spectral   peaks
• Eliminates substrate dependent background   inaccuracies
• Programmable, motorized control in X, Y and Z-axis
• Focal distance control
• Various magnifications available
• Enclosed or slotted chamber
• Optional report generator and database program
• Operating Software available in 7 languages
• Multi-level password protection
• Mouse activated point and shoot measurement
• Measures in mils or microns

CMI 900 Series systems are designed
to provide years of trouble free and accurate measurements. Whether your interest is plating thickness, material composition, percent P, karat content, multiple layers, or solution analysis, this is the system we recommend. All CMI systems are supported by CMI’s Systems Support Group.

The CMI 900 series is easy to use. Within a very short time, your inspectors can begin measuring parts accurately and quickly. Report generation is also a simple function of the software. You can choose and select which statistical attributes you wish to show. A digitally captured image of the part can be placed directly into your quality reports for a professional finish.

Competitively priced, we feel that the CMI 900 series offers the best return on your investment. Now enjoy the performance and durability that would normally cost far more.