The CMI family of instruments uses state-of-the-art expertise in electronics, system integration, mechanical design, detection, optics and video disciplines. CMI equipment is designed to meet all of your coating measurement needs.
CMI 900
CMI 700
CMI 600
CMI 900 Series CMI 700 Series CMI 600 Series
Measure coating thickness using the proven precision of our advanced X-ray fluorescence technology

Accurate, repeatable measurements of most coatings with one powerful bench top system.

Ideal for coating and plating thickness measurement found on most parts that require surface and metal finishing

CMI 200
CMI 500
CMI 100
CMI 500 Series CMI 200 Series CMI 100 Series
Series 500 Plated Thru-hole Hand-held gages.

Rugged, reliable gages provide low cost inspection of coating thickness

All in one coating thickness measurement.