CO2 Controllers 

Model 300


The 300 series is designed for the OEM market. It  measures high concentration (1-100%) CO2 environments. The Model 300 is available in configurations offering either an attached or a remote sensor. Water-proof sensors are also available for high humidity environments. Model 300 manual

Model 301


The Model 301 is designed for monitoring CO2 in the industrial environment.  It's simplified electronic circuits greatly improve reliability, while reducing power consumption. The Model 301's unique Type-2 sensor allows the CO2 sensor to perform well under extreme industrial environments.  

Model 301A

The 301A is the cutting edge of infrared technology: Excellent long-term drift performance is enhanced by a stable IR source, a state-of-the-art lithium tantalate detector, updated digital electronics and unique auto-zero function. 

Model 301A 2000ppm manual 

Model 301A 5000 ppm (spline)


Model 310



AirSense™ Model 310 specifically designed for the HVAC and greenhouse industry to accurately measure the parts per million (ppm) CO2 concentration levels typically found in inhabited spaces. Percent models are also available for custom applications. AirSense Model 310 Manual


Model 305


AirSense™ Model 305 designed for OEM market.  Model 305 Manual




The AirSense Calibration Kit is designed for the HVAC Professional who wants to check or to recalibrate units in the field.  The Calibration Kit contains a 17 liter cylinder of the gas you specify (2000 ppm or 5000 ppm), a shut-off valve and regulator for the gas cylinder, a four-digit display, and tubing fittings, and accessories are included.


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