Humidity Sensors, Humidity/Temperature Sensors
with the robust PolygaTM measuring element
특허등록된 Polyga 센서를 이용한 온습도 변환기 (경시 변화가 없슴)
with resistance output: (T)FG80H and (T)FG120 in room version
with current or voltage output: (T)FG80J
Humidity Sensors and Humidity/Temperature Sensors
with the very dynamic capacitive Mela-measuring element
정전용량식 센서를 이용한 온습도 변환기
for temperatures going up to 200°C and 25 bar pressure.
Duct version: (T)FK80J, KC and RC series.
Compact sensors in stick version: series PC, VC.
With display: series FPC; room version (T)FK120J, TG-Mini.
New: "Ex" sensors and the "Lightversion" series
Electronical controllers and measuring transducers
온습도 조절기
Combined on-off controller for humidity and temperature with digital indicator EDJ2/2, TFR2 and RT10
Measuring transducer for enthalpie, for psychrometer, for absolute humidity
and for dew-point type CON50
Power supply module MSR000, multi-function relay MSR010
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Hygrostats in duct version HG80, HG80-2, room version type HGMini, HG120 and HG120-2, hygro-modules
The smallest hygrostat of the world: HG Micro and the thermo-hygrostat DUO
Humidity add-on switch type FAS, FGO and FGS to monitor the formation of condensed water, particulary on cooling surfaces
Data Logger
데이터 로거
Data logger FRILOG_G for monitoring the air temperature of deep-frozen foodstuffs
Humidity Measuring Elements, Sensor Modules and Measuring heads
온습도 센서
with the very dynamic capacitive Mela measuring element
with analog or digital output of series TM, OM, GM, and VM
Filters, calibration cells and mounting supports