Condition Monitoring
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Overheating fuse One of the common faults found using infrared, this overheating fuse could have cost a continuous high production company as much as 160K USD in lost revenue had it blown.
Power line connection If this power line connection had blown it could have disconnected the main electricity supply to local industry.  The loss of revenue to the supplier could have been in excess of 160K USD.
Faulty electrical connection Apart from the costly inefficiency of wasted power, this faulty electrical connection would eventually have resulted in total failure once the melting point was reached.
Loose electrical connection This loose electrical connection shows temperatures approaching 100C.  If left much longer it could result in the complete power shutdown of a plant.
Faulty bearing Early detection of this faulty bearing will have prevented high replacement costs.  Since it is driving a cooling fan, further costs from inefficient production may also have been averted.
Inefficient roller bearings Undetected, the inefficient bearings on these fibber production rollers may have posed significant production problems.  A fire would have been even more disastrous for the operator.
Cooling tower The thermal pattern on this cooling tower can be used to estimate its efficiency.  It may also serve to identify undesirable delaminations on the outer skin.
End shaft bearing The increased temperature on the end shaft bearing of this motor indicates excessive friction.  Undetected, it could lead to seizure and bring production to a halt.
Steel ladle The hot areas on the side of this steel ladle indicate worn refractory lining.  Left untreated, this could result in significant damage to the ladle, not to mention danger to personnel.
Steam trap Thermograms of steam traps are very useful in detecting leakages.  If heat is detected downstream from the trap, steam is passing through the trap causing huge energy losses.
Brick kiln The refractory failure on this brick kiln could have incurred huge repair costs for the operator,as well as enormous losses in production revenue, if undetected.
Heater Inadequate insulation on this heater could have cost the operator several thousand pounds in heat losses.  Early detection with thermal imaging should prevent further losses.
Pipeline The insulation failure on this thermal image of a pipeline could be very costly in terms of inefficiency.  Repair costs could also be phenomenal if total breakout occurs.
Energy loss in building A poor joint between the roof and wall is one of the most common areas of energy loss in a building.  This thermal image highlights those areas requiring rework.
Damp patch The cold area in the corner of this ceiling represents a growing damp patch.  Left much longer it may improve impossible to treat without very expensive repair work.
Home An infrared survey of a home such as this can be used to highlight areas of heat loss causing unusually high fuel bills.