IR FlexCam Pro

Its where infrared technology has evolved. The intelligent choice for high-end infrared cameras is clear. The award winning IR FlexCam series offers the most advanced, intuitive, easy-to-use, highly sensitive, dependable, fully radiometric solution. And it can be viewed on the big screen!

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Infrared Thermal Image Product Of The Year
  Product Of The Year

The large LCD display makes scanning easier. The IR FlexCams sunlight-readable 5" color LCD display is twice the size of many competitive models. Its high-resolution image makes it much easier to see, scroll and accurately measure the temperature of any of the points in an image.

No hidden costs.
Our comprehensive FlexView™ PC analysis software is included at no extra charge and enables sophisticated temperature and image analysis. Engineered to be extremely easy to use, the FlexView™ software allows you to quickly analyze your images and automatically generate custom reports.

Stand upright with our ergonomic 180 pivoting lens. No more squinting through tiny viewfinders or contorting to capture an image. The IR FlexCams unique 180 pivoting lens, automatic image enhancement and optical zoom make scans quick and easy.

The easiest to use too!
The IR FlexCams intuitive, menu-driven Windows CE software and ergonomic design delivers productivity no other camera can match. Be productive within minutes, not hours or days! The IR FlexCam is so easy it makes other infrared cameras seem primitive by comparison.

The new IR FlexCam is a fully radiometric, portable, video rate infrared camera with outstanding image quality. The Sharper•Simpler•Smarter™ design features combine unprecedented ease of use with a rich set of functionality.

• 5-inch high resolution, sunlight readable color LCD
• 180-degree articulating lens joint
• Highly sensitive detector produces exceptionally clear and crisp video images
• Eight different color palettes enhance versatility of the image on the large display
• Records subtle temperature changes for both moving and still targets in real-time

• Exceptionally easy to use
• Intuitive operation with on-camera Windows CE Interface
• Easy to navigate menu structure
• Mouse-pointer with left and right mouse button allows for user familiarity
• FlexView™ companion software package expedites image downloading and analysis (at no additional cost)
• Store and download over 600 images

Infrared Thermal Image

• Precise full-screen temperature measurement from 0-600C
NEW! Programmable image capture saves thermal images at preset time intervals, or on high/low temperature triggers
• Easily attach customized comments to your images
• FlexView™ software provides comprehensive post-image temperature analysis and report generation capabilities
• Programmable buttons allow for quick access to frequently used commands
• Ergonomically efficient design facilitates scanning of awkwardly positioned targets and reduces user fatigue
• Battery charge capacity gauge


Predictive Maintenance
Identifying and fixing electrical and mechanical problems can reduce downtime, prevent disastrous failures and save time, lives and money.(more)

Process Monitoring
Monitoring and observing temperatures of processes in real-time can save time and money by ensuring that they are operating safely and efficiently.(more)

Electrical Systems Monitoring
Identifying and fixing electrical and mechanical problems can reduce downtime, prevent disastrous failures and save time, lives and money.(more)

Infrared Thermal ImageInfrared Thermal Image