Perform instant roofing surveys and grow your business. Now you can instantly and accurately identify roofing problems with IR-InSight, the affordable infrared camera. You can find damaged areas fast, detect developing problems, and make more thorough assessments—even where damage isnt immediately evident. The IR-InSight is also the ideal tool for moisture detection in building restoration and mold prevention/remediation applications

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Its image viewing, recording ability and report development are outstanding. The ease of use, handling and operation is the icing on the cake.
-- John DiCesare, Weather Shield Roofing Systems

Immediately identify roof leaks and moisture.
Infrared scanning is the only way to obtain 100% roof coverage!
Surveys are quick, accurate and complete. The incredible sensitivity of the IR-InSight makes detecting water saturated roof insulation fast and easy.

Finally a powerful thermal imager thats affordable...
The IR-InSight is a portable infrared camera with outstanding image quality, at a very affordable price. Viewing at a full 30 frames per second makes scanning simple. Snap up to 150 high quality infrared still images and easily prepare reports from your PC. Simply turn on the IR-InSight and begin scanning or capturing images. The IR-InSight is ideal for roofing, insulation, or electrical contractors. Finally, the power of infrared is within reach with the IR-InSight!

Generate accurate, high-quality proposals.
Simple SightView™ software allows you to store captured images in formats ready for high quality proposals. Add professionalism, accuracy and confidence to your bids. Youll generate more new business and grow your profits faster than ever before.

Infrared Thermal Image Infrared Thermal Image
Infrared Thermal Image Infrared Thermal Image


Industrial Roofing
The incredible sensitivity of the IR-InSight makes a water saturated roof insulation stand out. Its large display allows the user to easily find the questionable roof sections then snap up to 150 high quality infrared images. Included is SightView™ software to colorize and store the images in formats ready for high quality proposals.(more)

Insulation / Building Envelope Inspection
The IR-InSight is perfect for detection of moisture accumulation, missing insulation, thermal bridges and air leakage. These conditions cause unique thermal profiles that are captured by the IR-InSight. Either snap images or create full video capture, using the RS-170 video output connection into your portable video recorder. (more)

Electrical Systems Monitoring
Identifying and fixing electrical and mechanical problems can reduce downtime, prevent disastrous failures and save time, lives and money.(more)