Thickness Gauges and Hardness Checkers
Hardness CheckersSH-21
Hardness CheckersSH-21
High-performance hardness tester with four hardness scales.

Measuring stand (option)
When attached to the measuring stand, the SH-21 can be used as a stationary hardness checker. The small, light body (weighing 2.5 kg) can be carried easily in the field.

Four scales
The SH-21 provides four scales, (HV, HRC, HS and HB), that can be switched for each measurement. The Vickers hardness value can be displayed digitally through a single operation.
Abundant memory functions
With its memory function capable of storing up to 2000 points of data, the SH-21 provides sufficient memory capacity suitable for large-volume measurement data. The SH-21 also provides the 10-point memory function intended for measurement calibration data. Furthermore, data calculation, mean value display and standard deviation display functions are also provided.
Upper and lower limit settings (Option)
Based on upper and lower limit settings, the SH-21 outputs a no-voltage alarm contact signal. The upper and lower limit settings can be changed according to the measuring conditions.
Abundant optional accessories
The SH-21 provides various optional accessories such as a measuring stand and dedicated printer. With PC data processing software, the SH-21 enables CSV data transmission to spreadsheet software such as Excel*.
Hand-held design
Pursuing operability in the field, the SH-21 provides a rechargeable hand-held design. It uses a viewer-friendly display unit.
Flexible measurement
The SH-21 can be set up for any measuring direction. It enables flexible measurement according to the measuring conditions.
Even a limited area can be measured.
The SH-21 can measure 5 mm2 or a larger spot or limited area. The SH-21 enables flexible measurement even in difficult conditions.
* Excel is a registered trademark of U.S. Microsoft.

Evaluation of carburizing and quenching, and high frequency quenching
Weld hardness measurement for welded structures (tank, hull, bridge, steel tower, etc.)
Hardness measurement for a gear tooth flank (narrow area)
Measurement of the aged deterioration of a facility or a structure's strength
100% online inspection for components (engine valve, rack bar, crankshaft, bearing, etc.)

Measuring indenter: Diamond indenter for Micro-Vickers (with an angle of 136 between opposite planes)
Measuring load: 20 N (approx. 2 kgf)
Measuring range: HV50 to 999, HRC10 to 70, HS20 to 99.9, HB85 to 550
Measuring accuracy: HV/HB 3rdgHRC/HS 1.0
Power supply: 100 VAC, or rechargeable lithium ion battery
Minimum target size: 15 mm (width) x 15 mm (length), Thickness: 7 mm

If measuring conditions are other than the above, the SH-21 must be set on a table of at least 50 mm (diameter) x 15 mm. Ensure close adhesion to the table with oil to increase the apparent weight.