Micro-Measurements Strain Gages, Special Sensors, & Installation Accessories

Micro-Measurements has been a trusted name in the field of strain gage technology for many years. We are proud of our worldwide reputation as a premier supplier of high-quality precision strain gages and installation accessories, and are fully committed to maintaining our position as the leader in this field.


General Purpose Gages

The bondable foil strain gages manufactured by our Micro-Measurements Division are available with thousands of possible combinations of grid alloys, pattern designs, gage lengths, backing materials, resistances, and optional features. (See Gage Designation System for details.) General-purpose gages are available in the following patterns:

Uniaxial Gage with a single grid for measuring strain in the grid direction.

Biaxial Rosettes Gage with two perpendicular grids used to determine principal strains when their directions are known.

Three-Element Rosettes Gage with three independent grids in three directions for ascertaining the principal strains and their directions.

Shear Patterns Gage having two chevron grids that are used in half-bridge circuits for direct indication of shear strains.


Micro-Measurements Catalog 500, Precision Strain Gages, contains a broad range of pattern configurations and sizes, designed to meet the many and varied test requirements encountered throughout the field of experimental stress analysis. In addition to the hypertext version incorporated into the Products Section of the Micro-Measurements Interactive Guide to Strain Gage Technology, copies are available upon request by contacting the Measurements Group office or regional sales representative serving your area.

Transducer-Class?/SUP> Gages

Transducer-Class strain gages are a select group of standard and special gage patterns designed specifically for the manufacture of commercial transducers and load cells. The main objective is optimum gage performance at lower cost in high-volume production quantities. Exclusive features of Transducer-Class gages include:

Optimum backing thickness tolerance This is particularly important to minimize creep variations between gage installations.

Optimum backing trim dimensions Matrix dimensions listed in this bulletin have a tolerance of +0.005 in (+0.13 mm) on any edge (measured from grid centerlines). On many transducer designs this will allow the gage matrix to be used for gage alignment. Gage placement for bonding can be fixtured more easily for reduced assembly time.

Multiple creep compensation choices for most gage patterns. A close inspection of the gage pattern will reveal a small letter on the gage matrix next to the grid. This letter is the creep compensation code. Different creep compensations of the same pattern can be easily identified after removing gages from the package.

Special pattern refinement for improved gage-to-gage reproducibility Creep variation due to operating temperature changes is reduced.

Transducer-Class gages and bondable resistors are available in a wide variety of backing/alloy constructions. The Measurements Group's Transducer Applications Department can assist you in choosing the series most suitable for your specific requirements.

Special-Purpose Sensors

Micro-Measurements also offers a variety of products designed to meet special needs and perform special functions in experimental stress analysis. These include:

Bondable Temperature Sensors With nickel-foil grids, these sensors are used for general-purpose temperature measurements over the range of -320 to +500 deg F (-195 to +260 deg C).

Crack Detection Gages Convenient, economical method of detecting cracks or crack growth.

Crack Propagation Gages Multiple conducting grids on a single backing accurately indicate the rate of crack propagation.

Weldable Gages Strain gages and temperature sensors bonded to a metal carrier for spot welding to a test structure when adhesive cannot be used or minimum installation time is required.

Residual Stress Rosettes for the practical, widely used hole-drilling method of residual stress determination.

Shear Modulus Gages Special gages for accurately determining the shear modulus of composite materials with standard Iosipescu and Compact test specimens.

Embedment Strain Gages Special strain sensors for embedding in concrete.

Complete details of all Micro-Measurements Special Sensors are included in Catalog 500. Contact the Measurements Group office or regional sales representative serving your area to obtain a copy.

Installation Accessories

The full potential for accurate strain measurements can be realized only when strain gages are properly installed. All Micro-Measurements installation accessories have been designed or selected specifically to help ensure successful installation of Micro-Measurements strain gages and special sensors. They include accessories for:

Surface Preparation Degreasers, conditioners, neutralizers, abrasives

Gage Handling Tapes, clamps, tools

Adhesives Cyanoacrylates, epoxies

Leadwire Attachment Solders, wires, cables

Protective Coatings Polyurethanes, rubbers, acrylics, wax

The complete line of Micro-Measurements installation accessories and related equipment is described in Catalog A-110, M-Line Strain Gage Accessories. In addition to the hypertext version incorporated into the Products Section of the Micro-Measurements Interactive Guide to Strain Gage Technology.