The Ultraflo 2000 is a "Transit Time" ultrasonic flow meter designed to work with clamp-on transducers, enabling accurate measurement of liquid flowing within a closed pipe, without the need for any mechanical parts to be inserted through the pipe wall and into the flow system. The Ultraflo 2000 is therefore simple to install requiring no shut downtime, with the added advantage of no pressure drop or contact with the process liquid.

The Ultraflo 2000 has been designed for permanent metering on a pipe range of 13mm up to 5000mm and is supplied with transducers and mounting hardware to suit the application. The Ultraflo displays volumetric flow rate in a wide range of units, linear flow rate in meters and feet per second with total volume flow displayed up to a maximum of 12 digits.

Additional facilities offered by the Ultraflo 2000 are a 4-20 mA flow proportional output, Pulse output or Set point, Negative flow indication and a Display/Output variable damping making the Ultraflo cope with poor and unstable flow conditions. All outputs are configured to interface with different types of data collection systems including Building Management Systems.

An optionally available version, the Ultraflo 2000HM, can be used to meter Heat or Energy. By using the Ultrasonic transducers to measure the flow and return flow and two PT100 temperature sensors to measure the flow and return temperature of the energy source, the amount of Heat/Energy used can be displayed as kW, kCal/hr, MJ/min and MJ/sec. Flow rate, Total flow and Temperature differential are also displayed. The Heatmeter version has two 4-20mA remote outputs to monitor these measurements as well as pulse output to record Total flow or Energy.

The instrument is able to work on a wide variety of pipe sizes from 13mm up to 5000mm, simply by selecting the correct transducers and attaching them to the outside of the pipewall using the hardware provided.

Operation is push button easy such that the user is only required to know the pipe dimensions and the type of pipe wall material. All other application parameters can be measured by the instrument itself.


Industry types

  • Water
  • Building services
  • Power generation
  • Energy management
  • Chemical
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Petro Chemicals
  • Food


  • Balance systems
  • Flow monitoring
  • Energy monitoring
  • Check existing meters
  • Environmental Monitoring
  • Pump Efficiency
  • Commissioning
  • Emergency standby

Flow measurement principle

When ultrasound is transmitted between the two transducers X and Y, the speed at which the sound travels through the liquid is accelerated slightly by the velocity of the liquid in the pipe. When ultrasound is transmitted in the opposite direction the flow of the liquid causes the transmitted sound to decelerate.

The subsequent time difference is directly proportional to the flow velocity in the pipe. Having measured the flow velocity and knowing the pipe cross-sectional area, the volumetric flow can easily be calculated. Micronics engineers have developed a measurement technique which has the ability to resolve extremely small time differences down to 25 pico seconds (25 x10 -12
seconds), therefore giving extremely good performance on small pipes or large pipes or in large pipes with low velocity flows.

Flow range

The Ultraflo 2000 will be measure the flow of clean and dirty liquids in full pipes and has a velocity of 0.2m/sec to 12m/sec. The flow range of the meter is dependant on the pipe size and the liquid velocity which determines the selection of transducers that are supplied with each instrument. the instrument can be reprogrammed to use different transducers in a different mode in
order to overcome signal strength difficulties, or ease installation problems or to re-adjust the opening flow range of the instrument, should it be required.

Heat/Energy meter

The Heatmeter has been designed for general purpose energy monitoring using clamp-on flow and temperature transducers. The Heatmeter combines a flow measurement generated by using ultrasonic “Time of Flight” technique to measure flow with the temperature differential input generated by a pair of PT100 temperature transducers, the combined output produces a
measurement of Heat or energy used. The Heatmeter version gives two 4-20mA outputs that can be used to monitor either the flow, Energy or Temperature Differential. The pulse output can be used to record Total Flow or Total Energy.

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