The Portaflow 216, Transit time, clamp-on ultrasonic flow meter have been designed to help Service/Maintenance and Commissioning Engineers make quick, accurate flow readings of any liquid, within pipes from 50mm to 400mm. Utilising the pulse output the instrument can be connected to a separate data logger to store flow volume information.

This compact, rugged instrument will measure flow rate in litres/min, gallons/min, litre/sec, metres/sec, feet/sec and will give you as total volume in litres and gallons. There is no shut down time, lost production or contact with the process liquid when making the measurement, as the instrument is completely non-invasive.

Simple to set up, the Portaflow 216 is able to accurately measure flows from 0.5 metres/sec up to 8 metres/sec. You are able to measure on almost any clear liquids such as water, oils and chemicals in any pipe material over a temperature range of -20C to +125C.

Set up is menu driven with the user entering the pipe dimensions, material and temperature. When measuring liquids other than water, speed of sound data must be entered. Programming the instrument and mounting the sensors using chains attatched to the guide rail can be completed in under 2 minutes, with stable flow data becoming available immediately. The unit can be powered by mains (110/240V) for long term flow monitoring and using the built-in rechargeable batteries it can be operated for up to 8 hours continuously.

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