Computerized Leak Analyzer

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CLAN Acoustic Leak Detection and Monitoring Systems

NDT also manufactures acoustic leak detection and monitoring systems. This instrumentation is designed to monitor the operation of valves, piping systems, turbines, power and recovery boilers, feedwater heaters, and process machinery. Our most proven and widespread use is in the early detection of leaks in boilers and steam operated systems.

As a continuous on-line monitoring system for boilers, our NDT-CLAN systems have no equal. A system will detect the smallest leak within a boiler or feedwater heater at the initial stage, before it grows in size and damages adjacent tubes or equipment. Each system, though custom designed to meet the particular application and needs of the user, is manufactured with modular electronic components that allow for economical upgrade and expansion.

These systems can be supplied with a PC compatable, menu driven computer with a choice of optional extreme environment interfaces. It stores data, performs FFT analytical calculations, and generates a number of graphic displays and reports.

Examples shown below are: a real-time bargraph, a boiler sensor location diagram, and a three-dimensional waterfall display of operator selectable channels.

Other displays and reports include a real-time wave-form of any channel, with selectable FFT filtering; and a graphical history for each of the channels in the system, viewable across a user selectable time-frame.

All PC based systems include a color SVGA monitor, are designed for industry standard 19" rack mounting and can be supplied as "stand alone" systems in their own free standing rack mount cabinet.


BARGRAPH Display of all Sensor Channels



(both Elevation and Plan views)


WATERFALL Diaplay of  Selected Channels

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