Magnetic Crawler Inspection System

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Crawler Inspection SystemNDT  has developed a magnetic wheeled crawler inspection system that offers a complete, portable AC powered, inspection and data recording system for ultrasonic thickness measurement of steel storage tanks, piping and other steel structures which are not easily accessible by normal mehtods, The magnetic wheeled, steerable crawler vehicle is powered by two 12 VDC gear motors and carries a spring-loaded ultrasonic transducer and water line.

The operator can make a continuous scan of a tank, top to bottom, from the ground. Information gathered continuously in this manner can be used to determine the probability of corrosion and pitting in an entire vessel. The standard system is comprised of the MARK IV crawler vehicle, our 801D SUPERSCOPE, NDT TRACE 2 portable strip-chart recorder, 100 ft. long cable assembly and AC/DC powered Crawler Control Module.

System is also available without SUPERSCOPE and TRACE-2 Chart Recorder.

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