ProtectIR 4000B
The Next Thermal Imaging Solution
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Digital Signal Processing
  Utilizes image processing to create thermal images with improved contrast, resulting in better feature definition and sharper, clearer thermal pictures.
Easy to Operate
  Operating ProtectIR requires only a power switch and a positioning joystick. All other features are automatic, allowing the operator to focus on the task at hand.
Pan and Tilt
  The ProtectIR utilizes a joystick-controlled pan-and-tilt system, with 360 panning, maximizing your viewing options.
Rugged and Weatherproof
A rugged, weatherproof housing eliminates the need for a special camera cover.
Military Technology
The heart of the system is an innovative infrared video camera based on a unique sensing technology developed in cooperation with the U.S. Army.
The ProtectIR camera is designed to be mobile. Mounted to the roof of a car, ProtectIR is there when you need it.
Standard Video
Any TV monitor capable of accepting analog video (RS170 format) can be used to display the ProtectIR signal. Any VCR may be used to record the picture, an essential capability for law enforcement applications.
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