ProtectIR 4000B
The Next Thermal Imaging Solution
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Can be Mounted

On a Vehicle or Building

Designed to Withstand
The Rigors of Mobile Operation
and Outdoor Environments

Remote Control
Pan-and-tilt Platform

Video Monitor
Displays Infrared Image

Digital Image Processing
Improved Contrast
Better Feature Definition
Sharper, Clearer Pictures

Sharper, Clearer Pictures. Better Feature Definition.
Another Powerful Solution.

Meeting the challenge that darkness presents for law enforcement, marine, and security applications is the Nightsight ProtectIR 4000B. The ProtectIR 4000B combines an infrared camera with a remotely controlled pan-and-tilt platform. The system is designed to withstand the rigors of mobile operation and outdoor environments, and can be mounted on a vehicle, building, or other structure. The infrared image is displayed on a video monitor that is mounted, along with the remote control unit, out of the elements inside the vehicle or building.

The camera utilizes image processing to create thermal images with improved contrast, resulting in better feature definition, and sharper, clearer thermal pictures.  The Nightsight ProtectIR 4000B. Another powerful thermal imaging solution from Raytheon.

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