ProtectIR 4000M
The Ultimate in Marine Night Vision
F e a t u r e d
R e f e r e n c e
R e l a t e d
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Waterproof With Controller and
All of its Connections


Designed to Withstand
The Rigors of Marine Use

Remote Control
Pan-and-tilt Platform

Video Monitor
Displays Infrared Image

Digital Image Processing
Improved Contrast
Better Feature Definition
Sharper, Clearer Pictures

Rugged and Waterproof. Operates in Complete
Darkness. A True Infrared Imager.

Whether you are patrolling coastal waters in total darkness or navigating the high seas after dark, you can rely on Raytheon's ProtectIR 4000M for state-of-the-art infrared thermal night vision.

Waterproof and rugged, the 4000M features a motorized pan and tilt platform, operated remotely from within the vessel. The image appears on a standard display. Because it is a true infrared imager, the 4000M can operate in complete darkness and produce a clear image of your surroundings.

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