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See Up to 5 Times Farther
  With NightVision, drivers can see up to five times the distance of standard headlights. During nighttime driving, when more than half of all traffic fatalities occur, drivers gain valuable reaction time just when they need it the most.
Keep Your Eyes on the Road
  The NightVision system uses a head-up display to project a real-time video image on the windshield. Warm objects such as people, animals and recently driven automobiles glow brightly and are easily detected.
See Past Headlight Glare
Unaffected by ambient light, NightVision also helps drivers see past oncoming headlight glare.
Enhances Personal Safety
The system can also be used for personal safety to scan dark areas before leaving the automobile.
Easy and Reliable
The NightVision system is easy to operate and offers ultra high reliability in a compact
and rugged design that has been validated to automotive specifications.
Available on Select Cadillacs
The NightVision system is integrated into select luxury automobiles from Cadillac. Test drive the NightVision system today at your local Cadillac dealership.
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