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Size (with 18mm lens)(LHW): 92 L x 126 H x 103 W (mm),
3.6 L x 4.9 H x 4.0 W (inches)
Weight (with 18mm lens): 0.8 kg, 1.8 lb
Color: Black
Operating Temperature: -30C to 66C
Storage Temperature: -46C to 71C
Package Integrity: Splash-proof per IEC pub 529, IPX4
Mechanical Shock: 20g, 11ms, any axis, while operating
Electromagnetic Compatibility: CE mark class A
Operating Voltage: 9 to 28 VDC
Operating Current: Steady State: <1.0A
Operating Current: Start-up: 7.0A, peak
Analog Video Output: NTSC or PAL (factory setting) (simultaneous with digital)
Digital Video Output: 16 bit parallel
(simultaneous with analog)
Type: Hybrid ferroelectric staring focal plane array
Sensing Approach: Pyroelectric and dielectric effects
Sensor Material: Barium Strontium Titanate (BST)
Spectral Range: 7-14 microns
Resolution and Pitch: 320 x 240 pixels, 48.5 microns
MTF: 22 percent typical at fundamental spatial frequency
NETD: .08C typical
(with /1.0 germanium lens set)
Sensitivity: 45 mv/C
Absorption Efficiency: 76 percent
Pixel Clock Speed: 6 MHz
Package: 40-pin ceramic
Temperature Stabilization: Thermoelectric cooler
Window Type: Silicon
Lens Design: 18mm effective focal length, /1.0 to /8.0 (adjustable iris)
Depth of Field: 3m to infinity (15ft to infinity) at infinity focus
Focus Range: 0.3m to infinity (1ft to infinity)
Field of View: 46H x 35V
Instantaneous FOV: 2.5 mrad
Range to Detect a Person: More than 175m, 574ft (w/18mm lens and recursive filter disabled)
750m (2460ft) with 75mm lens
Noise Equivalent Temperature Difference: 0.13C, maximum, recursive filter disabled
0.08C, maximum, recursive filtering over 8 frames
Video Dynamic Range: 9 bits analog, 16 bits digital
Startup: <30 seconds (typical)
<90 seconds (maximum)
Frame Rate: 30 Hz NTSC, 25 Hz PAL
Contrast/Brightness Control: Automatic or manual
Image: Grayscale, white objects hot or cold (selectable)
Digital Processing: Alternate video format
Digital computer control
Functions remotely controllable
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