Analogue output

In several cases for accurate measurement or readings of analogue signals it may be convenient to connect an osciloscope to the DiO 562.

The echo height, arrival time or HF waveform may be accurately examined. For better synchronization of both instruments the sampling frequency of the DiO 562 may be reduced. The flight time of ultrasonic echoes may be very accurately determined.

PC or PLC Digital control

Digital control and real time monitoring and datalogging can be done from the original software on a PC.

The new HIGH version will cooperate with the Dio2000 program, in similar way as the Dio2000 channel unit (see chapter B on automated instrumentation) for control, reading, data transfer, measurement, processing and others as follows. The PC Dio2000 program is compatible with WINDOWS 95, 98, 2K, Me and XP.

Real time frequency spectrum

    An outstanding property of the whole DIO 562 family is the possibility to evaluate the received signals not only in the commonly used time domain (A-scan) but also in the frequency domain. The frequency spectrum is achieved by the fast Fourier transform (FFT) incorporated in the instrument. In the next figure (Fig. 2) as example there is shown the screen display of tan echo sognal (time domain) and its frequency spectrum together with the setup parameters.

Averaging and digital filtering


PC software

    Together with the A-scan the setup parameters are displayed. Instead of it a 2-D display of the same scan may be shown, if appropriate probe movement is assured.