System Dio2000 is complete modular solution for automatized industrial measuring system.

Dio2000 general features

The system's ultrasonic channels are designed as independent electronic plug-in units (modules) with their own microprocessor control and signal processing. The plug-in units (size 100 x 160 mm) are located in frames. Every frame may contain 16 units. Four frames may be assembled in a 19 " rack with power supply built-in In this way the maximal system range consists of 64 channels.

The control system and the data evaluating system of Dio2000 consists of a industrial PC (Pentium III), 17 " SVGA Colour-monitor also of industrial type and the appropriate software under WINDOWS 2000. This control system is very user friendly, because of applying the well-arranged menu. The user might dispose of fundamental PC knowledge and skills.

In order to assure the UT reliability a synchronisation unit may be assembled into the system and an unit for probe localization on the surface of the specimen under test. The output of the device may control a defect marker and according to the customer's option an acoustic and luminous signalisation. As a matter of course there are printing facilities (ink jet or laser) for recording the flaw distribution in the material under test (B and C scan, thickness or tolerances) or/and an overview during a time interval. According to the customer's requirements it is possible to operate an acoustic alarm.    


Dio2000 channel unit

Features of the basic Dio2000 plug-in unit:
every channel is created by an independent module (card with electronic circuits) containing all components as a complete ultrasonic flaw dw detector with
- adjustable frequency repetition rate
- adjustable amplifier gain and band filters
- digital signal processing DSP (digital filters, averaging and further functions)
- three gates with a set-up alarm
- measuring of echo height maximum, minimum, average, echo extent and graphic processing
- 2 analogue outputs (amplitude and time) for C-scan
- automatically renewable freeze mode
- maximum freezing
- external and internal synchronization with adjustable time shift
- possibility of connecting an extern power transmitter to every channel
- possibility of using probes with internal preamplifier

location: in every channel unit
transmitted pulse: till 250V at 50 Ohm loading
transmitted pulse width: 60 ns up to 1 us
triggering of the transmitted pulse: internal or external
synchronisation of the transmitted pulse: automatic PC controlled
transmitted pulse shift: 0 ns to 10 ms
max. transmitter repetition rate: 10 kHz
operation facilities: normal or TR probes for frequency range from 1 to 20 MHz
transmitter output impedance: adjustable from 30 to 1000 Ohm - in steps.

Location: in every channel unit
Max. input echo signal voltage: 1 Vp-p
Processable echo signal voltage: < 1 Vp-p to > 0.1mVp-p for 100% screen height
Adjustable dynamic: + 20 dB to + 99,9 dB
Gain linearity: 1 %
Receiver frequency range: 0,5 MHz to 20 MHz (for -3 dB)
Input receiver impedance: adjustable from 30 to 1000 Ohm

Digital data processing:
Evaluation: by the built-in microprocessor, amplitude and time comparison, leading edge or peak value evaluation in selected gate, statistic elimination of interference, data compression, A-scan
Noise suppressor: 0 to 80 % screen height
Gates: 3
Threshold levels: 1 in every gate - adjustable
Gate triggering: synchronised by the transmitter or selected echo leading edge ("echostart")

Measuring accuracy:
Amplitudes for flaw detection: กพ 1% relative to 10 MHz signal
Time size measurement: กพ 1 um relative to sound propagation velocity (in ferritic steel) for ultrasonic frequency of 15 MHz
Entering of measuring parameters: by means of a PC trough RS 232; 422, USB
Setting of the whole testing system: "manual inspection" by a PC or by preselected parameters stored inside the PC (set at some preceding testing).

Dio2000 unit versions

Dio2000 19" 1-16 CH SF
is the most used type with the frequency band 1-15 MHz containing four frames with 16 channels each, i.e. this type may be broadened till to 64 channels. The automated installations (see thereinafter) supplied for inspection of steel bars, aluminium blocks, axles and wheels for railway vehicles and others is equipped with this Dio2000 type.

Dio2000 19" 1-16 CH HF
is the high frequency type with the frequency band from 15 to 60 MHz, which is being used for inspection of thin components or thickness measurement.

Dio2000 19" 1-8 CH LF+BP
is the type provided with a power transmitter foreseen to air coupled inspection of composites, wood, concrete, ceramics and others. Also four frame may be connected with four channels too. In this way for low frequency application with 32 channels in the band from 10 kHz to 1 MHz.

Dio2000 connection and casing

Dio2000 channels can be plug into several types of cases:
- small size
- compact
- table rack
- large rack
- large rack with DC servo controller cards with PLC

Small size version
There are cases, where fewer channels are needed. For such purposes, low cost version Dio2000 with 3 channels only is available.
It is a portable industrial which may be used without PC too, e.g. for defect marking and control of other devices. The modifications are the same as said above in connection with the Dio2000 compact version.

Compact version

Table rack version,
combined version

Large rack version,
with DC servo controller cards

Dio2000 software

SW possibilities


Example of B-scan