Ultrasonic Probes
for Manual and Automated Testing

The probes (transducers) are a very important part of ultrasonic NDT instrumentation.

The Starmans Company is mostly using one's own types of ultrasonic probe being developed in its laboratories and in some but not numerous special applications probes of other manufacturer are connected to the Company's devices as Dio2000.

The conventional probes are the single (one element) and dual (double element) probes for longitudinal and transversal waves. According to the direction of the beam axis there exist straight and angle probes. The both kinds of probes are shown on the picture. Besides for special purposes as inspection of concrete, wood or for specimen with curved surfaces special focusing probes were developed.

The angle probes are mostly supplied for transverse (shear) T-waves, e.g. for ferrite weld inspection. The most common angles are as follows: 45, 60, 70 and 80o . There are available probes for surface waves in different materials too. Austenitic welds require using L-waves. Such probes may be ordered too.

Besides the Company STARMANS may supply some special probe layouts as tandem and LLT probes and special probes for wood and concrete inspecting.

Focusing probes are developed according to special customer's wishes.
Air-coupled probes (transducers) may be available too.

Two piezoelements
combined probe
with one straight
and one oblique beam
          Focusing probe
for small diameter

Often probes for manual testing are not suited for automated and mechanized testing carried out with multichannel installations. The laboratory of the Company Starmans is designing and developing probes which are suited for the determined purpose.

Six element probe
for mechanized testing

Probes listed in the following specification are supplied as accessories of the DIO equipments.

 Probe type   Designation   Angle   Transducer size   Frequency 
 angle probe 
 UM 9x8-2C-35   35   8x9 mm   2 MHz 
 UM 9x8-2C-45   45 
 UM 9x8-2C-60   60 
 UM 9x8-2C-70   70 
 UM 9x8-2C-80   80 
 UM 9x8-4C-35   35   8x9 mm   4 MHz 
 UM 9x8-4C-45   45 
 UM 9x8-4C-60   60 
 UM 9x8-4C-70   70 
 UM 9x8-4C-80   80 
 angle probe
 UN 20x22-2C-35   35   20x22 mm   2 MHz 
 UN 20x22-2C-45   45 
 UN 20x22-2C-60   60 
 UN 20x22-2C-70   70 
 UN 20x22-2C-80   80 
 UN 20x22-4C-35   35   20x22 mm   4 MHz 
 UN 20x22-4C-45   45 
 UN 20x22-4C-60   60 
 UN 20x22-4C-70   70 
 UN 20x22-4C-80   80 

 Probe type   Designation   Transducer diametr   Frequency 
 straight probe 
 PN 10-2C   10 mm   2 MHz 
 PN 10-4C   4 MHz 
 PN 10-6C   6 MHz 
 PN 20-2C   20 mm   2 MHz 
 PN 20-4C   4 MHz 
 PN 20-6C   6 MHz 
 straight probe 
 PQ 2/10-2C   10 mm   2 MHz 
 PQ 2/10-4C   4 MHz 
 PQ 2/10-6C   6 MHz 
 PQ 2/20-2C   20 mm   2 MHz 
 PQ 2/20-4C   4 MHz 
 PQ 2/20-6C   6 MHz 
 * circular shape element may be supplied in rectangular form too