The Sonic brand of ultrasonic detectors has always stood for outstanding performance and value. Staveley extends these characteristics to its latest microprocessor-based instruments, offering instrumentation to suit all your needs; from a rugged hand held thickness gauge, to a rack-mounted in line system.

Ultrasonics is used for the detection of cracks, flaws, pitting, corrosion/erosion, delaminations and the determination of other internal anomolies; as well as digital thickness measurement. Applications include (but are not exclusive to) thickness readings on pipe, tanks, containers; evaluation of welded or brazed joints of primary metals, alloys and plastics; forging extrusion and casting defects; and composite laminate inspection.

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Sonic 1000S/1200S Series

Sonic 136

Sonic 137

Sonic 138PVFD

Sonic 133 D Series

Sonic 404 Precision Thickness Gauge

Sonic 434 Precision Thickness Gauge

Sonic HR

Sonic Prove-Up


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