No Couplant, No Magnets
Tests Through Coatings
Minimal Surface Preparation
Penetrates Metals
Up To 1.25"
One-Man Operation
Scanning Speed
15-20 ft/min.
(4.5-6 m/min.)
Battery Operation
(Max +/- 12 Volts DC)
Tests Ferrous Metals
Upgradeable to Non-Ferrous
Real Time
Data Display
PC Based
Modular Electronics
Wheel Assemblies
Provide Easy
High Resolution
3-D Color Graphics
Full Coverage
No "Dead" Space
LEDs for Visual Threshold
32 Channel Mark II
16 Channel Falcon Jr.
The Falcon 2000 System is a multi-channel inspection system for the inspection of above ground storage tank floor plates.  The scanners operate on the principles of Low Frequency Electromagnetic Technique.  The scanners can detect top side and bottom side defects and quantify remaining thickness.
The Falcon Mark II
  • Fully integrated system for one-man cordless operation.
  • Dual power system:
    • 12 Volt DC battery power
    • 110/220 Volt AC line power
  • Works with a standard notebook PC.
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