X-RAY flaw detector TF3125 is an advanced model of portable gas insulated   glass tube flaw detector with 250KV direction-oriented X ray. It uses IGBT module and is an integration of such advanced technologies as electrical power and electronic device, inverter technology, pc –control and fuzzy control.


Main characteristics

        PC-based control system, highly automated. easy to use

        Aging is simplified with advanced Al technologies. The operation can be finished automatically .

        Luminous and legible LED display for fieldwork.

        IGBT module making controller small, light and portable.

        Fuzzy control technology applied


        Kv, T keys settings LED display

        Automatic aging

        Sate lock of exposure

        Error alarm and display for trouble shooting


power source :   198V—242V/50Hz   
power :   2.5KVA
tube voltage :  150KV—250KV
tube current :     5mA
focus:      2.0mm*2.0mm
radiation angle :        40 +2
range of time-setting: 10s---5min
maximum penetration :    39mm
way of working :  intermittent, working time: interval time =1:1,  
  no more than 5 min for each exposure
distance between hand ring and focus center:   283mm
dimensions of controller:  378mm*372mm*174mm
weight of controller: 13kg
dimensions of generator:     328mm*278mm*750mm
weight of generator:  35kg
safe working pressure:   0.34 Mpa --- 0.46Mpa
way of insulation :  SF6 gas
way of cooling:  forcing wind cool
environment temperature:     -10 C  TO  40 C    
relative humidity:      <85%
sensitivity:      <1.8%

standard delivery

         low-voltage cable

         power source cable

         ground device