Portable Digital Sonic Bond Tester (DAMI-C)

Votum cooperation with Russian's airs carriers allowed designing and producing universal device for aeronautical materials.

The new DAMI-C is a bond tester which greatly contributes to the simple and quick solution of difficult test problems which were in the past solved at great expense only.

Applications: The DAMI-C is excellent in detecting & C-imaging disbonds, unbonds, delaminations, porosity and structure violations in metal or non-metal composite parts and honeycomb structure elements for the aircraft, aerospace, automotive and many other industries.

Tested materials types:

non-metallic laminate components having thickness 1…50mm;

sandwich honeycomb components:

- non-metallic: skin thickness - 0.5 … 5mm,
  honeycomb core thickness - 5 …120mm;
- metallic: skin thickness - 0.5 … 5mm,
  honeycomb core thickness - 10 …120mm;

sandwich construction with various types of cores;

multilayer components having general thickness till 100mm;

other components having variable mechanical impedance or thickness.

Testing Methods: DAMI-C is a multimode instrument offering: Resonance, Pitch/Catch, Mechanical Impedance Analysis and C-image reconstructing.

  C-image reconstructing for disbond calibration sample.
Two-layer aluminum structure.
Tested area size is 100ő100mm.
«« Sample back view
C- image of disbondings between layers »»

Simultaneous testing, using three different presets: DAMI-C provides parallel inspecting up to three layers;

Dimensions and Weight: The handhold DAMI-C 200x100x40mm Main Unit weights less than 0.7kg and contains the 69x69mm high-contrast high-speed graphic LCD Display and the Key Pad. Due to the new Trans-reflective technology and led backlight, the Display can be read in bright sunlight as well as in dark or poorly lighted conditions. The transparent seal keeps sensitive DAMI-C components including the Display well protected. The liquid-repellent design (according to IP54 standard) enhances the DAMI-C life.

Power Supply: The DAMI-C operates on AC or a belt battery. The DAMI-C operating time with the AC Power Pack is 24 hours. The DAMI-C operating time with the belt battery is more than 8 hours.

Ease Control: There are only 7 keys with international symbols on the front DAMI-C panel: up, down, left, right, shift, enter and break. All primary circuits are controlled by them for higher performance and reliability. Most inspection operations including a flaw square measuring, the DAMI-C self-calibrating and inspection results saving are performed automatically.

C-Image Reconstructing: When a tested object has honeycomb structure and/or variable mechanical impedance, it is very difficult to see a difference between normal and damaged internal structure places. In this case the C-image reconstructing feature gives a possibility of quick high-quality testing of such an object. Due to the fact that DAMI-C precision ultrasonic scanner doesn’t have any mechanical parts, C-image reconstructing is very simple and efficient. The figure shows a disbond C-image of honeycomb structure.

Own BT Parameters and Inspection Results Storage: Built-in power independent memory provides an opportunity of DAMI-C calibrating parameter sets and testing results storing and recalling. It can be stored up to 150 calibrating parameter sets and more than 500 testing results including C-images.

Documentation: Due to the DAMI-C built-in bi-directional RS232 communication port, stored inspection results can be printed or transmitted to an external PC for further storing and processing. PC Windows-based documenting software is provided (see screenshort example below).

Technical data:

frequency rage : 1 ... 80 KHz;
during the testing search unit can't be moved faster then 150mm/s;
search unit position determination error: ±0,75mm;
C-image maximum size : 500x500mm.

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